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For as long as she can remember, Katie Blauer has sought to incorporate art and design into every facet of her life. With a love for fashion and eye for color and details, she discovered that designing and hand crafting shoes could bring all these elements together into one experience.

Her career in the footwear industry began in 2003 at the Stride Rite Corporation where she developed a whimsical aesthetic in designing fashionable shoes for little girls. In 2007 she began designing casual shoes for young women at Vans, and more recently, for an even broader audience as a Senior Designer at Converse. Katie often travels to Asia to observe the manufacturing process and work directly with factories and suppliers throughout the design and development process.

Katie married her high school sweetheart in 2008, wearing a pair of wedding shoes she designed for herself. The shoes were labeled with their initials and wedding date, and incorporated details that matched her wedding gown: rhinestone grommets with a corset lace, asymmetrical pleating, and a sweetheart neckline. To Katie, after a full year of wedding planning where every aspect of the event was personalized and coordinated, it just made sense that the shoes should follow suit.

After the positive reaction she received over her own custom wedding shoes, Katie set out on a journey to offer this specialty to other women looking to add a similar height of individuality to their upcoming event. In order to retain full creative control, Katie opted against producing the shoes overseas, but rather for them to be handmade locally out of her own shoemaking studio just outside of Boston, MA.

Because inspiration for each one of a kind creation is solely centered on the client and their unique special occasion, every pair of shoes tells a distinct story.

Let your shoes tell your story

Katie Blauer Custom Wedding and Special Occasion Footwear: the ultimate accessory for your most important events, from the red carpet to your wedding day. Designer and artisan, Katie Blauer will work with you from the first to the last step in creating a one of a kind pair of shoes that are as unique as you.

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