New York Public Library: Digital Gallery

The New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery is an incredible resource that places over 700,000 images at your fingertips… which inevitably results in the draining of nearly that many hours from your otherwise busy schedule. I remember my favorite blog, Design*Sponge, doing a post on this treasure (in which they highlighted some beautiful prints and patterns) and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only is the NYPL Digital Gallery a mecca of home decor inspiration (you can even purchase prints of the images you fall in love with), but it can also be a great source of inspiration for your wedding or other special occasion! To capture a vintage style, try perusing fashion illustrations from various decades for dress and accessory ideas. The artwork on old sheet music and advertisements might inspire your invitations or programs. For me, I’m enamored by the lithographs of ladies dress shoes from the nineteenth century, each with a unique ornate detail. Everything old is new again, and Katie Blauer can turn your vintage inspiration into a pair of custom shoes that will go down in history!

Women wearing pink, white and yellow formal dresses, 193-; On Her Wedding Day / words and music by Michael B. Garrett, 1897

Two yellow satin shoes, the first worn on stage by the actress Miss Ada Cavendish, and one straw colored shoe, 1900; Shoe of Cromwellian shape embroidered with small crystal beads; dainty white shoe; wedding shoe, 1900

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