Misc. Six

#1. Having been off the technology grid for a whole week while in Belize, over the past few days I’ve been getting my internet fix by diving deep into all my favorite fashion and design sites. The result is a random assortment of attractive imagery and inspiring artistry, which I edited down into another Misc. Six post! I’ve definitely been noticing a large amount of content focused on nostalgic admiration over the 90s lately… From the new tumblr 90s Runway that has cropped up and Chloe Sevigny’s latest Vision Streetwear themed collection for Opening Cerermony (via highsnobette) to vintage Erin Wasson editorials (here and here) …true, those are from the 2000s. In any case, I thought I’d add a reference to the mix with this beautiful photo Studded Hearts pulled from Wonderland Mag’s Nov/Dec 2011 Fantasy issue, in which the model struck me as having a young Gwen Stefani vibe, circa Tragic Kingdom. Love.

#2. This Nixon watch is definitely on my Spring hit-list, as I am a sucker for anything blue and painterly. I’m already lucky enough to own the tortoise shell / gold version of this same model, which is one of my favorite accessories, and am convinced that adding this watercolor colorway to my arsenal would be like having the perfect yin and yang of Nixon 42-20 Chrono’s. #3. On a similar note, this two-tone sweater from Dsquared2’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection has my name written all over it (via style.com). Combining ombré over cable-knit is a great way of doing “preppy with an edge” and I’m thinking this might be a fun DIY project to spruce up an old sweater in a similar way using dye or bleach.

#4. I’m not sure where I was last spring to miss the wedding photos of country singer Miranda Lambert and the gorgeous vintage brooch bouquet she carried, but my sister recently clued me in and it didn’t take much searching to find the talented designer behind this unique wedding accessory. In fact, after reading the biography on Jennifer of The Ritzy Rose, I discovered that the two of us are very much alike, having both attended art school and designed for large corporate brands before establishing our own businesses in custom-made wedding accessories. Maybe a collaboration is in our future?

To be quite honest, most of my time online is focused as much on home décor as it is on fashion. With a new house to furnish, my husband and I are always on some sort of internet-combing treasure hunt for cool (and affordable) pieces: from rugs to wallpaper, and most often, lighting…

#5. While it is well out of our price range, I am nonetheless enamored by this stunning mid century wall light found on eBay; the juxtaposition between the strong atomic style sputnik lights interspersed by delicate flower-like glass crystals is so special and unique. The item description explains that it was designed by Emil Stejnar and produced by the well known Viennese manufacturer Rupert Nikoll in the 1950s. Dreamy. #6. Last but not least, snedker studio (found on trendir) is another great example of a designer turning to nature for inspiration in creating functional art. Artist Pernille Snedker Hansen uses an old marbling technique to add beautifully colored organic patterns across the surface of raw pinewood floorboards. She’s been nominated for many prestigious design awards and the Danish Biennale for Crafts and Design put together an interesting video about her process.

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