Marni Mash Up

As a shoe designer and craftsman, I am surrounded by shoes all the time and could theoretically create any new style my heart desired. Nonetheless, this has never tamed my addiction towards coveting other designer’s shoes I admire and the giddy feeling that still comes with scoring an amazing new pair for my collection. I especially can’t resist when a pair of shoes from a few seasons ago will pop up at a great price and the design is so unique that they feel just as special as the day they hit the runway. This is precisely what happened with the pair of Marni shoes I’m writing about today.

These chunky platforms were from the Spring 2009 collection, which debuted in Milan to rave reviews. Sarah Mower, for, explained that with this collection “Marni has reached that serene plateau of development and is reveling in undisputed ownership of print, color, and the magpie mix-up. That means never having to grasp nervously for an extraneous trend.”  I love this quote that echoes my earlier sentiment about how great it is to find a design that transcends the seasons because it represents a brand’s iconic aesthetic.

As you can see, the catwalk version of these shoes was a bit bolder than my more commercial black and brown colorway – which still holds true to Marni’s mashed-up point of view by pairing sleek patent leather with rustic brown suede. To that point, Mower further explains that Marni “flings it all together … yet still somehow manages to stop short of busy confusion. That simple/complicated knack is what keeps Marni lovers coming back for more.” Indeed! Coupled by exquisite craftsmanship, plenty of comfort, and colors that could compliment any outfit, I’m sure these shoes will be mixed and matched across my entire wardrobe for years to come.

Marni patent leather platform sandals (Spring 2009), worn with Alice + Olivia Cerra zig zag velvet burnout top (Fall 2011) and Pilcro Stet Slim Straight Geo Cords from Anthropologie (Fall 2012). Bonus: vintage ceramic black cat by Royal Haegar.

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