This summer I had the very special opportunity to design an especially unique pair of wedding shoes for a good friend of mine, Allison Bamcat. Allison is an artist with a quirky cool aesthetic who loves humorous juxtapositions and her vintage carnival wedding was sure to hold true to form! This was my chance to design an over-the-top pair of shoes for a girl who expected no less than something totally out of the box and during an impromptu brainstorm session at lunch one day, the idea of the hamburger shoes was born. It’s not that Allison and her Swedish fiancé, Rikard, particularly love hamburgers, but it’s the happy surprise to see that iconic form appear in such an unexpected context – like as a pair of shoes or even a wedding cake – that makes it work for them. Allison has often incorporated hamburgers into her artwork (see below) and the yellow and red pop-colors fit perfectly with the other details of the wedding day – from festive bunting and carnival ticket table cards to Allison’s own space clown tattoo! The pair of pickles represent Allison and her best friend (who she has endearingly nicknamed Pickle) and even the opal sesame seeds were a nod to Allison’s opal engagement ring. Turns out these shoes were every bit as meaningful as they were silly, and for this creative client, they were a perfect fit!


Burger Valentine commissioned by the Boston Phoenix, // Wario Burger featured at the “…Loading” show at Resistance Gallery in London // View more of Allison’s art at



Wedding photos by Dandy Lovin Photography


Double Double! Finished hamburger shoes by Katie Blauer. See more views in our Gallery!

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