Not Just Black and White

I’ve been meaning to write a post about these Alexander Wang doodle jeans for a long time – so long now that by some definitions, they might be considered vintage! That’s because they were from Wang’s Spring 2011 collection and received added attention when Michelle Obama wore them mural painting in Africa later that summer. Old news, I know. But I snatched up my pair for a steal at the South Coast Plaza Nordstrom Rack and have only worn them a handful of times so they still feel special. In fact, being of workwear grade 100% no-stretch cotton, the pants were rendered totally out of commission all of last year while I was pregnant. Happily, when I pulled them out from the bottom of the pile a few weeks ago and paired them with an on-trend cropped tank, they felt brand new all over again. (I won’t get into the white zipper-laden Ksubi jean jacket right now, which is even older.)

The “art kid” in me loves these jeans for the fun rubberized doodle print and my more sophisticated side appreciates that, despite the crazy print, they still read as a neutral. In a similar vein, my Converse Platform Plus sneakers act as a versatile Acne-inspired sleek basic, but the marbled rubber sole adds an artistic, more playful element. I have to say, and not because I designed them, these hidden wedges are one of the most comfortable options in my current shoe collection. I have worn them for a full day shopping the streets of Brooklyn without complaint and along with another pair in mono-military green, haven’t found an outfit they don’t enhance. Lots of style mavens run a totally black and white kit, but I like to think that these kinds of little surprises bring some much-needed personality to our often overly serious fashion world. Why not try adding a doodle or a splash of paint onto something in your closet!?

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