The start of a new notebook…

Each year of art school I kept a notebook (a scrapbook of sorts) in which to hoard away every piece of memorable ephemera I came in contact with. The notebooks are exclusively spiral bound and the pages are filled with ticket stubs, magazine tears, subway passes, articles, notes, birthday cards, business cards, post cards, etc. These items are not only arranged chronologically, but each two page spread is also laid out with some degree of color coordination …remind me to show you sometime. Anyway, in starting this blog, I feel like I’m opening a fresh new (digital) (spiral bound?) notebook and I can’t wait to start collecting the imagery and experiences that I encounter on my shoemaking journey.

"The New Bridal Shoe," Los Angeles Times, 19 June 2011, sec. P9

First, I want to share with you an article from the Los Angeles Times Image section a few weeks ago entitled “The New Bridal Shoe.” How very apropos! The article discusses how 70% to 80% of brides are rejecting tradition and opting for more fun and colorful footwear, often with “a lot of embellishment: fabric flowers, sparkly things being added, ribbons and bows, and even hand painting on the shoes.” Another great quote explains how “some brides match their footwear with the wedding’s theme colors, groom’s tie or even venue.” A wedding event planner named Brooke Keegan goes on to say ‘I think brides are becoming a lot more savvy and in tune with design and décor.’

This sentiment perfectly describes the purpose behind Katie Blauer shoes and gave great reassurance to what we’re setting out to do, just days before the official launch of this site. In fact, a huge thank you must go out to my dear friend and extremely talented web designer, Lauren Dorion, as well as our web developer extraordinaire, Dan Kraus, who both worked tirelessly to bring the vision to life. I’m looking forward to filling this wonderful platform they’ve built with beautiful one of a kind shoes and all the details that inspired them. Maybe someday Katie Blauer will be featured in the LA Times Image section!

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