The Feline Formula

As a self proclaimed cat person, raised in a family of cat people (see photo above of my sister Betsy, circa 1987), I can get a little obsessed over anything cat related. I realize only some of you will really appreciate what I’m talking about here, but even if you aren’t a big fan of the felines, it’s hard to deny there isn’t something inherently cute about them. Is it the ears? It seems that when you stick two rounded triangles on top of anything it suddenly becomes irresistible…

I think the fashion world has noticed the same thing. Recently I saw a photo of street style blogger Peony Lim wearing French milliner Marie Mercie’s Abyssin hat while attending Fall 12’s New York Fashion Week (above, right). On Peony’s blog she says it’s her favorite hat and has also used it in her own editorial styling work. A quick internet search reveals this adorable cat ear cloche on fashion centric celebs from Clemence Posey and Jessie J to Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway (shown from left to right, below). I guess cat ears aren’t just for Halloween anymore (that’s me, above left, in 1996)!

Over the years I’ve found my favorite animal incorporated into many other fashion must-haves. Although not quite as literal as wearing cat ears on your head, they are equally whimsical and effective in letting your inner cat lady come out and play. From left to right: Miu Miu’s Sp10 line was covered in repeat prints, from which still I cherish these cat print platforms. In 2011 Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty Flats were spotted on celebs like Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Alexa Chung, who is shown below at the 2011 British Fashion Awards (Charlotte Olympia won for top accessory designer). More recently at the launch for the Sp12 Jason Wu for Target collaboration, French singer Yelle wore a t-shirt from the collection of Milu the cat, Jason’s muse and star of the show.

Last month when my Hello Kitty iPhone cover (yes, Hello Kitty) became too scratched up from banging around in the depths of my purse, I was excited to find a new cat themed case to dress up my phone. The fact that it has rounded triangle cat ears that stick up on top, makes me smile every time I pull it out of my purse. There’s just something about those ears! Like the iPhone, the cats I know (see Spooky, my parents cat, below) never cease to amaze me by how smart and intuitive they are. It’s no wonder that cats continue to inspire and bring joy to the people around them – even high end fashion designers.

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