Luck be a Ladybug

When I set out to create the design for a pair of custom shoes, I always start by searching the Information Packet my client has filled out for unique personal details that will make the shoes extra special. In Jodi’s case, it was obvious – she told me she loves ladybugs and as a long time figure skater, has always worn a little ladybug for good luck when skating. She requested that we incorporate one into the design of her bridal shoes and I jumped at this challenge. There was never any doubt that these shoes would be unique and filled with personal sentiment, but the key was designing a tasteful wedding-appropriate solution using such a whimsical and symbolic icon.

Jodi had planned an old hollywood styled wedding with a black and white color scheme, accented with crystals, stripes and polka dots to complete an opulent art deco vibe. It couldn’t be more perfect for the graphic nature of a stylized ladybug – with it’s polka-dotted half-moon wings – to fit right into this aesthetic and so I started sketching designs that featured the beetle quite prominently. One idea was to use a pair of vintage ladybug earrings, but Jodi chose an even more customized approach of integrating the ladybug into the actual heel counter of the shoe. From there, I experimented with various entry configurations and we landed on a very vintage style t-strap with dual Swarovski buckled ankle straps unconventionally facing forwards to represent the ladybug’s antennas.

On the day of her wedding, Jodi’s maid of honor helped her slip on the shoes and they fit to perfection. Moments later, her two flower girls came into the dressing room with cupped hands saying they had a surprise to share. Just then, a ladybug flew out of one of the girls hands and landed on Jodi’s dress! What a truly unbelievable sign of good fortune that will hopefully continue to bless Jodi and Josh throughout the rest of their lives together. Jodi later mentioned to me that her Katie Blauer shoes stayed comfortable all the way through dancing and on until the end of the night so it sounds like this lucky ladybug was off to a good start!

Wedding photos above by Adriano Batti. See more of these ladybug shoes in our Gallery!

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