Baby Battin

Say hello to Logan T Battin, Matt and Amber’s adorable baby boy, who they welcomed into the world today. Amber spent the back half of her pregnancy in custom Katie Blauer maternity flats, which were designed to celebrate the Battin’s first baby, while keeping Mom’s feet cute and happy. With Baby Logan’s arrival, I’m sure the long pregnancy already feels like a distant memory and hope that the shoes will now serve as a memento of that special time filled with anticipation. Having designed the shoes around the Battin’s Muppet-themed nursery as well, it’s nice to think about the bright colors and warm atmosphere that await Logan once he heads home from the hospital. Matt and Amber will go from planning for the future to living in the moment and before long they’ll be saying, “Where did the time go!?” With Hunter turning 11 months tomorrow, I’m currently thinking the same thing!

The colorful characters who inspired each stripe: Fozzy, Gonzo, Miss Piggy and Kermit!

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